I am most interested in capturing life as it is or at least as it appears. As a result I tend to process my photos with as few changes as possible (the exceptions being B&W and Hipstamatic). The most extreme edits that I perform are usually to try to capture a feeling from a bygone era, which is what I attempt with the Hipstamatic exposures. I love the feeling of old Helgas, Leicas, Polaroids, etc and I enjoy editing photos to reflect those feelings.

As you may have noticed I tend to focus on Landscapes and Floral compositions. I take a great deal of inspiration from nature, and I try to bring that into my other photography. I will occasionally photograph Weddings, but it is usually limited to friends and family. I am a photographer by passion, not by employment.

Feel free to contact me here: exifocus[@]gmail dot com

I am also on Twitter: @JohnBFair